Ok… so aside from losing to Mr. Twister in table tennis on Wednesday, I also shot a couple of photos.

First off, we have Matt Logan attacking the new rail at Cream City… Matt says Skate or Die! Just so you know. It took Chase and I a few minutes to sit, stroke our man beards and decide why that rail looks so burly We both came to the conclusion that it’s cause the support legs look wack. They aren’t perpendicular to the ground, they slant back ever so slighty. The rail however is on point and follows the 10 degree slope that the bank itself was ergonomically designed for. I think cats will love it, if they can get up the ballz to hit it up. Thats ballz with a Z for all you Young Guns.

Next we have Dane Haman doin’ lipslides around the C-Box. Dane is also one of the fellas who puts together Sproink Magazine. You gotta recognize that it takes alot of time and money to throw together a little rag. Nice work gentlemen. Oh… and pink wheels are H-O-T… HOT!

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