You’re The One For Me, Fatty

In case anyone has missed it, you all need to check out Jamiel’s part from Weekend Warriors. Probably one of my favorite parts in a long while. Whoever hasn’t made dude pro yet really is blowing it.

Here we are on a trip to Tampa in January 2005, he is on the far left making 1/2 of everyone in this picture sick as hell. I hung on until the last few days of the trip, and then it hit me hard as nails. Driving the twenty hours back with a fever sure was a treat. The snow storm for the final three hours of the drive was like the sprinkles on top.

I guess while we’re on the topic of that trip, here’s the raddest skate photo I took while we were there. You got going fast as hell bombing that hill too, it was like SF in the grass. Or maybe I’m lying about that, who’ll ever know?

I still have no idea how Vance made it back to the hotel without dying. He got kicked out of the bar we were in and just disappeared. All I know is that he somehow made it from Ybor city, through the hood, to our hotel downtown while he could barely stand or talk. Along the way he traded his sweatshirt to some troll for a pocket watch. Sounds like a great deal. Passing out and getting his pockets filled with glue by someone was the bad part of the deal.

Here’s yet another news story that makes me proud to be from Wisconsin. Considering Ed Gein was from here too, I suppose it could be worse.

I wonder if Tim is ever going to update again.

Send em here.

We’ll start today with another photographer from Madison. I’ve seen a bunch of Eric Palozzolo’s photos and he’s definitely got some good stuff. In this particular photo we have one hell of a nollie shifty over a bar by Nathan Porter.

Back to Milwaukee with this frontside feeble by Dustin Ciborosky. Lord Cru was probably teaching a class nearby when this was happening.

Back to Madison to finish it off. Josh Bettner switch frontside crooked grinds at what must be an ex gas station. Photo by Corey Peterson.

Photo of the day #45

Isn’t it always the day that you forget to bring your good camera with you the day that a plane crashes in your neighborhood? I hate that.