When Word Gets Out…

Why yes, that is the Beez 3 trailer available for your viewing above. As has been mentioned a few times on the site, the video is done. The negative part being none of us have any money, so there’s really no idea when or if copies will actually be made. Shall we or shant we, it’s all up in the air. Regardless, watch the Beez 3: Unusual Protocol trailer and be excited in the pants.

As long as I’m on the topic of adding new crap to the site, you may have noticed the “Classic Articles” section I whipped up today. As I mentioned the other day, there’s over 800 articles on the site, and obviously some are better than others. I’m trying to go through and pick out some of the better ones that maybe took a little more time and effort to create, are notable, or I think are funny. I have some stuff in there now, but I definitely have more stuff that I should add. Classic Article fun adventures.

I’ve been meaning to give a couple of those shout outs, but I keep forgetting. First off, a big thanks to 33king Network for providing the video clip hosting. If you’re in the market for some hosting options, check them out. Good prices, and skateboarder owned. Why the hell not? Secondly another big thanks to Heyday Skateboarding for linking to all the new video clips. Getting the word out is always a good thing, clearly. They have a good site, go waste some time there.

Is that enough ass kissing?

Molly is back from the vet. She’s feeling alright, and is in good spirits. She should be back to full wonking capacity in no time. At least after she learns how to navigate with the lampshade on without running into everything.