Romance Is In The Air.

Josh is really working hard on the site these days. New video clips, regular updates and now the classic update section. Best skate site ever? Maybe! Keep up the good work, Josh.

So my friend Ryan in Seattle did something great and made stickers for us (us meaning everyone, so ask me for one if you see me). We should have them by next Thursday.
Check them out;

He has a lab he calls Sticker Shock and makes some really good stuff. If you need anything done, make sure to hit him up. And tell him I sent you.

Do you guys ever go to the Skateboardmag site? There is always so much stuff to check out and it’s updated daily except weekends. Almost as good as Wiskate. Almost.

Molly, aka Wonky is home from the hospital with a shaved rear end and a pretty gnarly scar. It’s crazy to me how dogs can just maintain and keep going after something like that. Any person would still be layed up in a hospital on heavy medication. Humans are pussies.

I guess its time for another stunning photo of Gary.

As Josh would say; “He’s beautiful. Like a snow leopard”.

Later nerds.