Who is Driving – Bear is Driving – How Can That Be?

Hey turds, it’s been a while. I guess I haven’t updated because there isn’t anything going on. I haven’t been skating, haven’t been watching skating or haven’t been reading about skating. Maybe I am just burnt.
I hear things here and there, but nothing is all that interesting. Darrell Stanton on Plan B. Wow. Justin Strubing on Popwar. Whoopee. Someone did something down El Toro. Oh boy. Andrew Reynolds wearing loose pants. What? Who cares.
Josh has been working on a new website totally unrelated to this one and it should be good. Probably more interesting than hearing me complain. Where has Lord Cru been? Mr. Twister?
I suppose I should get out and skate sometime as summer is quickly coming to an end and winter makes me want to drink bleach by the gallon.
Oh, the DVS video was good – I did see that.
I think I saw something else. First Love? Yeah, that too. Kind of boring. Shiloh’s still got it though.
Someone email me with some information on some new spots. I need to get sparked again.