Who’d Is That?

I figured since I am waiting for Josh to wake up from his daily after work nap so that we can go skate, I would say hi to all of you little wieners and give you something new to look at on the homepage.

If you didn’t already know, we are now t.v. stars. Carn has been making segments for this show on FuelTV called Stupidface. Gary will be appearing, so make sure to stay tuned every Friday night.

Speaking of Gary, Josh loves to wear his ass like a hat. Pizzy, on the other hand, likes to wear huge Shania Twain shirts.

On Sunday we tried to go out and skate, but it was really hot and we were mostly unmotivated. Gabe somehow got out of the car and switch backside 180’ed these stairs with no warm up. That dude will sleep for fifteen hours, barely be awake for the car ride to the spot, then do something you wouldn’t expect. He’s always good to have around for the sesh.

Just because it’s summer and it’s somewhat nice out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go take advantage of the best skatepark in the country. Get over there and sample the new and amazing stuff they built for you to skate.

Don’t forget to visit Milwaukee skateboarding for weekly video clips and photos.

Later nerds.