Who’s Your A&R??

You should know the drill by now…it’s Wednesday and what does that mean? Old Dude Night, Cream City, leave your frontside flips at home. Bring your saran wraps, judos, rip grip, pink trackers, and intricate, hour spanning griptape jobs with. Starting this week, 25% off entrance fees if you’re older than 25. Don’t blow it.

A box arrived at the house last night with some shoes for us to swarm in via the good work of John Mcguire. Thanks again John, and double thanks to your buddy at Duffs that sent the shoes over. I’ll be sure to slipfoot at Old Dude Night tonight and see how they hold up. All findings will be reported right here on the site.

Speaking of the site, I worked on the new layout a little bit today. The last time I had worked on it was in May, so it’s obviously a step in the right direction. Between this and a few other sites that I’m currently (re)designing, I can say without a doubt that CSS is the most enraging thing computer or design related a person can be involved in. I’m sure 1% of you know what I’m talking about, and of that 1% of you care, but whatever, the garbage makes my brain hurt. It’s a nice idea and all, but if you have to involve 600 hacks and tricks to make it work right, the intention of it supposedly making things easier goes completely out the window. Enough about that.

Last Friday, I mentioned the photography show I’m in at the Art Museum this upcoming Friday. It was kind of iffy at that point, but I managed to get my piece ready last night with the help of Trikki so it looks like everything is a go. Come there and laugh at me and get drunk or something. Milwaukee Art Museum, Friday the 13th, 8pm to Midnight.

In the sad news dept: A Jimmy Johns driver was murdered a couple blocks away from our house last night. How or why this happened is not something I’m privy to, but it’s a sad situation for everyone involved and also our neighborhood. I’m taking it in a “lightning never strikes twice” mindset, and hopefully everything will be ok in the long run, but with a ton of muggings and now a murder in the last few weeks it looks like things might be really going down the shitter.

Photo of the day #18

This is what happens when you’re blasting Duran Duran while waiting forever for Mini-Bee to finally land a trick so you can finally get going to the next damn spot. In fact, I think it took so long that we left without him. I’m not sure what the hurry was, but yeah, Tim landed it. Whatever you want to call it.