Approximately two thirds of cats are susceptible to the effects of catnip, as the phenomenon is hereditary.

Man, do those cats love fresh catnip. If you have a feline living with you, make sure to go to a pet store and pick up a live catnip plant. Just pluck off a leaf rub it between your fingers for a minute and give it to your little buddy and watch him/her glitch out. It’s great. Josh got bit by Dug last night because he was fucking up his trip. I got bit as well. My bite was more of an aftershock bite. Dug was just biting anything that got near him. Good times with great cats.

Here’s a question; if you had an amazing rap career and was living in a 14 million dollar mansion with anything and everything at your disposal, would you try your hardest not to fuck it up? I know I wouldn’t, but when I saw this video, it made me realize that there are alot of people in this world with some really wacked out priorities. Gloves and a zebra print thong. Amazing. How were all those people not laughing hysterically? The human race never ceases to amaze with it’s ridiculous trends.

Photo of the Millenium #10

Josh is going to hate this one. Sure, Tom Knox may have stretched his career a bit too far, but when he was in his prime he was killing it. He invented the kickflip wallride (off flatground no less), shredded any curb and had my second favorite part in Speed Freaks (sorry Tom, Mike V. killed it). Plus, with my recently re-discovered love for bank to curb, this photo made me really stoked. I just wish it was bigger. I think that’s a piece of rip grip in the dirt, too. Awesome.