Why, Dog? Why?

Daylight savings. The calendar year’s version of a swift kick to the beanbag. I am o.k. with it today, because I get to go in to work an hour later which means I have some extra time to bring you this update of epic proportions.

Lets start with an amazing photo of top cat.

Elliot Rambis. He hates getting poked in the eye by Gary during those precarious lay-ups into the litter box. Proper eye protection is vital to his game.

Noah wall rides to fakie in his flippers and beer snorkel at the Halloween old dude night. I also saw him kickflip in those. Kickflippers.

I don’t really know this guy, but he was nice enough to backside smith the rail about 100 times so I could get a decent photo. His name is Tyler Andrews and he is very patient. Thanks Tyler.

That same night, John Rock invented a new trick and ate some crap in the process. Lets call it the cannonfall. Like the cannonball, but miss your tail, grab your foot and eat shit. Bill had a couple of mishaps as well…

But ended up hanging on tight and making some rad frontside airs. Speaking of tight, Bill had to do the old “lay down on the bed like a woman to button your pants trick” to get these jeans on. Guess who he went as for Halloween and win the respect of your peers by getting your name mentioned on this here website.

It’s been damn cold in our house. You can tell when the cats gay off more than normal. Here, the elusive Mr. Spooky snuggles up with fat boy Gary to keep warm.

Danny Stemper has been around the house a lot this week because the guy he works for had to get away from his “super positive” energy for a bit and take a vacation. Now we get blessed with the positivity and photo opportunities.

Later nerds.