Wii Related Injuries

You’re probably not wondering where we’ve been, but at least there’s a viable excuse. We got a Wii. Many a shoulder has been thrown out waging Wii bowling battles. People have croaked like bullfrogs, demanded sugar, expressed unearned bravado, spilled beer, but most importantly, had fun. Awww. In fact, Tim had so much fun that he had to take a multi day break from the action due to Wii related injuries. We’re all pulling for a speedy recovery, buddy!

Actually that’s not the only reason, Tim is sitting on a bunch of photos but due to his wacky computer set up which I will not explain here, cannot resize them to post them online. Considering he could use my computer which is sitting like five feet away from his, it’s not a very good excuse, but excuse it is. I have a bunch of new photos too. I have no excuse. Except the Wii.

Aren’t updates about why we’re not updating the worst?

“Dudes, wouldn’t it be boss if we all bleached our hair together??!” CHEST BUMP!

Hell if I know.

A minute ago Lord Cru emailed me a link to this Craigslist missed connection:
Shirtless Man at Riverhorse on Saturday – w4m – 32
You were at the Riverwest pub crawl on Saturday. You were shirtless with more to love and let everyone draw on you with a sharpie marker. I drew something explicit which I thought perfectly described what I would like to do with you. Wish I had written my number as I’m sure it will take a least a month for the marker to wash off your body.
If interested in a private tattoo session email me.”

So who was possibly at the Riverhorse that night with no shirt on, more to love, and writing all over him?? Let me think…

If Troy hadn’t overdosed on beer that night I’d have to say that he really should go for that private tattoo session! Stemper, if you happen to see Troy’s twin brother around town, let him know about all of this.