Top Shop Party Pics

Well, sorry I have been slacking on the party pics at the 3rd Lair Top Shop event, but I have been busy drinking German beers with Josh. Saturday night was the party at top shop, and man was it a rager. We geared up for the event by drinking PBRs in the street and taking nips of corn row’s Jager. We missed most of Creature’s new video Black Metal, but by the sound coming from the warehouse the video must be pretty good.

Here we are gearing up for the event.

They had a sweet set up for the video and seats for all. Danny and I only caught the end of the video, but we found it pretty scary.

Here are a couple stars of the video. We ran into Milwaukee’s native Al P. He was representing the Cream City koozie to the fullest.

After the video ended I made my way the pisser and thats where the real party was. This was an epic place where the top dogs of the blog world hang out. I felt honored to be taking a leak next to these guys. Steve Fauser also decided to join the party!

Stemper was feeling loose as a goose and was just grabbing people to take a picture with. We made it up to the bowl where Stemps wanted a picture with this girl who was ripping all night. Too bad Stemps didn’t get her to rip off his shirt.

Can I get in there wit cha? My photo opp with Al P. Noah and Sean also had to get theres with the big man.

These guys all got cut off from the bar, so testing your luck when the barrel is gone is a tough ride. Here we have Stemper doing laybacks on the mini spine flat bottom where he thought the coping was.

After the party we made our way back to the hotel and chilled on the patio for awhile. We noticed on the table next to us almost a full pack of smokes. Whose smokes are these, and what are we going to do with them? Stemps then proceeded to take the smokes out of the pack and wipe his ass with them.

Carefully putting the smokes back in the pack he was then offering them to all of the kids and old men that wanted one. This one guy didn’t want to smoke the smoke but decided to shotgun one for all who were brave enough to watch. What a talented man that just tasted Stemper’s ass. Look at the cherry on that smoke! This could have been the highlight of the trip for me, I mean, look at that stance. Holy Balls!

God, that was a fun trip, I can’t wait to do it again next year. Until then, see you later!