Willlllly, I know you want some green beans!!

Crap, we did it again. Totally blowing it. Whatever, things to do, cats to pet, walls to ride, etc..etc..

Here’s some recent random photos…

On the left Tim surfs the Dyno home after Mr. Twister and I visited him at work. This is already from like a month ago. That’s how on our shit we are. We’ve been cooking out a lot too. Cru takes great delight in finally freeing the pink sausage from the confines of its sheath.

An almost final Mad Planet appearance last Friday from Cru. He is relocating to the east, and tomorrow is the real final-final showdown. I hope he wears the “FRIENDS” all over print shirt ($1, Value Village, Tim and I laughed about it for about 30 minutes straight when we first saw it) I borrowed to him last week again, because damn does that shit look good. He couldn’t stop saying what an asshole he felt like, but I still think he looked great. Obviously the ladies loved it!

Last Friday before the fake final Mad Planet appearance, we all took a trip down to the wastelands of suburban Chicago to drink Slurpees, drive around a lot, skate a little, see some buns, and finally drop my new 5d off to Gabe at Canon for repair. What kind of asshole buys a broken camera? So obviously on the right, Pizzy’s pivot to fakie on the BEST vigilante tranny ever was taken with my old camera. I was going to set up a fill flash but Cru said “That shit is for pussies” or something like that, and I took his advice. You don’t doubt the Cru. (It needed a fill flash).

I took a picture of a yawning badger. They’re very flat.

I also took a picture of a scratching penguin.

A classic ending. Fuckin’ Gar…. Nope! Our new porch cat, Fake Gary! Possibly soon to be Stemper’s new cat. Don’t blow it Stemp, Fake Gary is the best!

Oh, watch this line too.