Worst Drum Solo Ever

Two great things happened last night:

One, I finally accomplished something that I’ve been trying the last couple of months. A personal life hammer, if you will. That would of course be doing ten different no complies in a row without fucking up. Eight was easy. Nine was rare. Ten was my personal victory. Roebke may have accomplished the mission first, but it still feels great to join the club. Now, who has got twenty different in a row?

Secondly, Tim and I went and saw Asia last night. Between highly anticipating Heat of the Moment, yelling “Water Dragon”, and laughing at their public access quality videos playing behind them I think we decided that they were awesome. And horrible. A good combo. If the Crypt Keeper was shredding three minute long prog solos in your band, you guys might be awesome/horrible too. Much thanks to Chloe for making this happen and feeding us beer and Asia’s unwanted sandwiches and making dreams come alive. We left before Heat of the Moment had even ended.

Here’s some remaining weekend photos from Sunday skate with just me, Pizz, and Stemp:

This spot again. Pat Forster backside flip on the janky bank.

Danny Stemper. Tall frontside ollie. Sorry about my shadow.

Monday was of course Monday of the Morrissey variety. It was a solid one. How would it not be solid when you start it off with Ebn-Ozn. Don’t blow it next week. Mondays, Cactus Club, 10pm.

We’re going up to Top Shop at the Third Lair tomorrow. (Even Pizzy) I want to see Munz take at least five beer bongs. Deathwish 3 is on, gotta go…