Sex Act at the Toschi Station

Saturday was a great day for skateboarding. Let me illustrate it with some photos…

This is the crew we were dealing with. Couldn’t get more solid.

Stemper did start it off very aggressive and angry though. That guy was making us all sad with his negative attitude.

This spot made everyone feel better though. It’s not even good, but everyone was having a happy time. Jeff Chase – Nosegrind.

Pat Forster – Crooked Grind.

Tim Olson – Wallride to 50-50.

Angry Danny Stemper – Frontside Blunt.

By now everyone was stoked. Fun times at a fun spot with the bros. Horny.

Almost nothing is better than a human powered nosebonk nosegrind with a solid sunset…

Except tasty Mexican food after a long day of skating.