Hello nerds. Just got word that Northern Athletik’s new video “Chunky” will be premiering this month. It will be held on Friday, December 10th at Three (it’s a bar) located at 722 N. Milwaukee st. (414-225-0003). For the young bucks, there is a show at 7:30pm, but make sure mom is there to pick you up at 9 because that’s when the Pabsts come out to play. Be sure to come out and peep that shit. Should be a good time.

I just finished up an interview with Alien Workshop’s artistic mastermind, Don Pendleton, who just so happens to be a midwesterner and one of my all time favorite artists. That should be up soon for all of you to enjoy. More interviews to come as well.

The snow stuck last night. Weak. Fortunately, this made me lol and I almost forgot about the snow. Almost. Skate Mental, I love you.