Yngwie Malmsteen.

It’s good to see the site getting so much love. Three updates before I even get out of bed. Amazing. Keep up the good work fellas.

Last night was another fun filled “Old Guy Night” at Cream City. Not as many of the regular people (where the hell was Lord Cru?), but a few new faces and few I haven’t seen in over a decade. A little drama, but fuck all that. Who needs it? Still though, a ton of ripping from the Captain on the mini and Rock was getting some sick frontside feebles on the bank to curb. Ben is always ripping and Josh got gigantopithecus as hell (thanks to my holding the impromptu rail for him). Le Garcon got a switch noseslide pop-in on the sf bank straight into a switch heel off the big two – first try. Pussbeard is still amazing. Uncle Will learned a new trick on the mini and Josh’s playlist was raging as usual. Good times. Mini video on the way (never).

Photo of the Millenium #4

Jamie Thomas doing a barefoot ollie over the Gonz gap at EMB. Pretty insane considering not many people would even ollie that gap at the time. You all know about his illustrious career and I couldn’t even begin to touch on it here, but he is one of the gnarliest ever. Watch this for proof. 1995. Welcome to Hell. Photo by Bryce Kanights.