You Can Do It On The Boat!

Hey Toby, guess what? Snow sucks harder than an Oreck. And those shits can pick up bowling balls! I don’t think any kind of snow jib can make up for having to scrape the ice and snow off of your car or having to walk to work in this white feces. Even if I was down with the jester hats, I think I would still want to kill myself every time it snowed. It’s just not a good time no matter how you look at it.

I finally saw that John Motta part from Peter Vlad’s Wonderful, Horrible Life. Probably the best part I have seen in a while. Dude flows and skates some wacky shit. I don’t know where this kid is from or who he rides for, but after that part I am sure you will be seeing alot more of him. Sort of like Marcus from that H-Street video. Hokus Pocus, I think.

Don’t forget, those dudes from Milwaukee Skateboarding have an official site now. There is a message board, video clips and photos for you to look at. But remember, Wiskate first.

Fuckin’ Gary.