The results were in on Sunday, but if you were sleeping like me, then you wouldn’t know that Tampa Am winner was Felipe Gustavo. Who you say? It’s this kid, and here is the winning run. .

It was nice to see a decent showing going into the semis by some Wisco boys. Jeff Bauman, Dan Nepscha, and Marques Devaugn all were in the top 40 gentlemen at the comp, but only Bauman made the semis. Even so, it looks like Marques got some people stoked. These two clips here and here have him showing some steez.

Way to represent the Dairy State boys.

For the rest of you photo geeks… and I know there are a limited number of you, Chase is taking his time with Agro, so you might want to take a few minutes to go out and listen to a few tidbits on what master skate photog J. Grant Brittain has to say about skate photography. He was on Photo Talk Radio with a couple of stooges out in CA, but the sound bits are good and he drops in a couple of good references every once in a while… for instance, He uses a Canon 1D Mark IIn as his primary SLR with a fisheye. For all you heads out there, that means he uses a CROPPED fisheye. WHAT! I may not buy the camera I thought I needed now… maybe. You can find the interview here in full mp3 format. Very interesting stuff.

Winner of our lame coloring contest is Chase Hooper! Rasta sledding with onlooking hot dogs??!! Damn thats good. Way better than the first Crayola style thing. Chase I’ll send you a box of Triscuits or something lame for winning.

We’ll have to have another lame contest sometime soon. Send your ideas here.

A photo for your day… Noah on a micro rail.

A friend sent this to me today… I had to post it. Enjoy!