You Drive a PT Cruiser

There’s not so much going on here. But a lot at the same time. Makes sense? Doesn’t matter.

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to, in no particular order:

Bill and I went fishing. We both caught one fish each of a size as pictured above. The fish hunter was leaking air the entire time and I had to periodically pump it up.

We have also been wallriding (surprising). I took this in the short period when I again had no radio for my flash since my sweet $16 ebay set up crapped out. Stemper held the flash, I took the photo, Bill wallrode, the photo ended up looking like it was from 1991, I got my new non-ghetto-works-everytime-anywhere-I-put-them radios the next day, everyone was happy.

I couldn’t put my flash where I wanted on this one either, so it kind of looks like balls. The two foot long sync cord really doesn’t get the job done very well. At least it’s again showing two of our favorite past times. Beer and wallrides. Wallride by Danny Stemper. Beer fun by Tim Olson.

It’s funny how the warblock was literally skated for more than a decade without much noticeable damage to the marble. Jump ahead a few years when BMXers decided to show up from Stallis or where ever and be radical like skateboarders and do some sweet feeble grinds and Miami hoppers on the relatively undamaged marble. It seriously only took a year or so of those kooks liberally smashing their anal dildo seated bikes on the ledges to destroy the marble to the point to where huge chunks of the ledge were missing. Obviously this must have pissed the right people off and the spot was unceremoniously shut down with the addition of these very ugly plastic railings around it. I guess that means that this ollie by Danny Stemper is a big fuck you to clumsy ass BMXers all around the world smashing perfectly good ledges with their poorly skilled attempts at being radical.

I don’t have a rant to go with this photo since BMXers haven’t fucked up this spot yet. Tim Olson 5-0 grinds.

If I had an Ebn and Ozn rant of any sort living in my brain I’d be very upset with myself. The record collection only gets more ridiculous every single day.

It’s really nice to finally have a radio for my flash that works really well. I thank Allah for it every night in my prayers. Tim Olson tuck knee grind on the weirdest pole jam ever.

The only thing prettier than a tuck knee grind is a stinkbug grind. Send your thank you cards and paternity test results to Patrick Forster.