You Say Pizzy, You Get a Pizza!

I’m starting to really hate taking skate photos on sunny days. 5d max sync 1/200 = no fun. Max Murphy – Ollie the fence.

We took max to a pole jam that is tall as Pizzy’s nipples. He got tossed. Here they relive the moment of ejection. Ejection, not ejaculation.

Then we went home, cooked some brats, and the apocalypse came and went.

This is the crew from last Saturday. I don’t know what’s up with Pizz, but it looks like maybe he’s in great pain. Perhaps reliving an unfavorable GTA4 moment in his head.

This spot got a lot of action, but most of that action is on video tape and not photos. It happens. Tj Bohach – Backside Over Crook.

“I want to eat you out!!”

“Theme From Flight of the Navigator”.

Gary, such a classy cat.

Sorry, don’t have much to say today.