Your girl is wet like a seal.

I was just checking out our brothers in arms over at The Plat, and Munz mentioned that if he was single he wouldn’t want prospective buyers on the market to give him the ol’ google image search. That made me a bit curious as to what may be going on in the world of Josh Ellis. As you can see, I have some really solid namesakes out there. Having a really common name can really brighten up a guy’s day.

And Mike, to answer your question, yes that was T-bone in the video clip. So rad. Now what is up with your and Jackson’s Beez 3 footage? I hope you don’t blow it!

As for new happenings since the last post, so much has already happened. I accidently bought a full screen copy of The Empire Strikes Back, and then the fish I got for my birthday, Counselor Troi, went towards the light into the great beyond. He served well in Ten Forward though, very well. May he always and forever rest in piece. Then, at around 11pm, me and Tim were cuddling and watching a movie about that chick Julie, she’s truly dazzling, and I noticed my cat Elliott was missing. The last time anyone had been outside was hours before, so I go outside to look for him. Long story short, that asshole was outside in the rain for a few hours and when I saw him standing on the sidewalk, looked at me like “Jesus, what the fuck is your problem” like it was my fault. What a jerk.

Next, I got a text from Lord Cru at 3am saying he was making love to a great number of people, and 10 seconds later got another text from one of the recievers of love saying that it was “hella good”. Lord Cru will never, never cease to amaze. Speaking of Cru, is it possible he was caught with something or other maybe used to primp his pompadour in his “man p” last Saturday? I’ll let him explain that one himself. Finally, I got a text from Pizzy at 7am saying I was a douche for putting up that picture of him getting wild with Weepy. C’mon P! You can’t be bummed out on one of the raddest pictures man has ever seen!

I should mention that that picture above is a real life picture of Cru texting in MP’s bathroom seconds before he was barfing. That was also the final picture taken with that camera before I proceeded to drop and break it. Another point of interest is that while the phone he is texting with is super high tech, in accordance with his summer spent becoming a douche, you should mentally replace that phone with a Blackberry.

Finally, this tooth issue. I know I was playing badass and pretending like I wasn’t going to go to the dentist, but first thing today I called up and made an appointment. Yeah, I know, total sell out. But the problem is, unless I get this thing fixed I can’t eat my subs toasted. Having the sub toasted is a must. So Friday I guess I’ll find out when I’ll be eating Jello for a week. I can’t wait!

You all better be at Cream City tonight for old dude night. Well, I guess if you’re old, that is. Young dudes are welcome too though. If you can handle listening to possibly Journey and “Do the Locomotion” by Kylie Minogue all night. In fact, if you’ve never been there, check out this panorama of the park and get stoked.