Well, I was all set to update yesterday, and then the cable went out. Which also means the internet went out. That’s my excuse. So instead of pissing my time away marginally entertaining the internet at large, I played a little Guitar Hero, I installed some shades, and I hung a bunch of crap on the walls. I was just telling Tim that I want our house’s interior to resemble a TGI Fridays, and I got a good start on it.

Tim basically already covered the weekend happenings. Pretty much a whole lot of nothing. Well, playing Guitar Hero for hours and not much else counts for something, I guess. I did go sledding also, which would be the first step in converting the site over to wisled.com. A big step, to be sure.

It was fun skating with the Minneapolis dudes on Saturday night, I suppose we really should have tried to get some footage of them too. Regardless, as Tim already posted, Gabe did make a new video clip featuring footage from that night’s skating. I love Gabe’s clips, so here it is again.

Yeah Munz, I did put my truck on backwards, I was in a hurry to shred, but still ROLF? What does that even stand for? I think you’re looking for ROFL, which last time I checked aol still stands for ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING. If you really wanted to go for the throat you could have used the old ROFLMAO, but that’s serious business. Me, I prefer JON. I know Steve Green does too.

I guess I’ll touch a little on the spot-name-carry-over topic that I touched on a little last week, and Munz was talking about over on the Plat. To sum things up, somehow unconnected groups of skaters always somehow seem to have the same names for spots. Young, old, it doesn’t matter. The main one that comes to mind here in Milwaukee is Congo. Everyone calls it that, yet I really doubt a lot of people know why. In this post, Tim claims that John Mcguire’s friend Josh Kaiser coined the name. If that’s true, that’s quite the legacy to leave behind. Anyway, for your learning pleasure:


See, makes sense, right?

I will admit that although I had been playing Congo Bongo since I was a kid (they had it at the supermarket by my Grandma and Grandpa’s house) I didn’t make the connection until much later. I blame it on the fact that when I started skating downtown a lot, that horrible movie by the name of Congo had just come out. It got all mixed up in my mind, and I never understood why a skatespot was named after a movie about a poorly rendered computer animated monkey. That means we can all be failures together.

Oh, The Carn wanted this vinyl for his collection and has it on his Xmas list. If you like his podcasts, show him some appreciation.

Photo of the day #55

I already told you, we have the best spots…