Wolf Dong

The Carn was telling me earlier today that someone he knows is acquainted with another girl that got married and kept her last name with humorous results. I didn’t really believe him, because it was too good to be true. Then he came through with the proof I so needed. Behold:

As you can see, nothing much going on in Milwaukee today. Except for a huge explosion. I guess that counts. Pretty sad too, a lot of people were hurt and a few killed.

In lighter news, I ate both McDonalds and Subway twice yesterday. At this rate, making it to the age of 30 is up in the air. Time will tell.

Otherwise tonight, Cream City, Old Dude Night. 25% off admission if you’re 25 or older. One lapper or two, it doesn’t matter.

Photo of the day #56

You know the night was rough when you wake up in the morning and there’s an orca and a wolf in bed next to you. Naked.