A Nilla Wafter At This Hour??

These following photos cover a few days of the San Diego adventure where I must have been too busy filming, or too big of a pile to be taking very many photos. Or something. Maybe there just wasn’t that much going on. I hardly remember at this point.

This was one of the days that I convinced Russ to come to the beach with me. He fell asleep when I was off swimming and his tender alabaster skin got enpinkn’d a bit. That was the last time he went to the beach with me.

This was supposed to be a sand sculpture of a Gary/Pizzy hybrid, but it didn’t really turn out to be as realistic as I hoped. I thought the grapes as eyes were a nice touch.

I don’t remember what this place was called, but they surely had a great nachos appetizer. This is the most beautiful story ever told.

After eating I do remember that we went and had a seriously great rock/night session outside a Trader Joe’s. That is until Flashlight Jones rooted us out of there and seriously harshed Greg Totzillo’s mellow.

The next day I took a solo mission to the beach and this was John’s guess to what Russ may have been doing at the house alone while I was away.

Some people have mice. Some roaches. The Ezee compound has dogs. These mini and weird dogs just randomly wander into the house sans invitation, take a piss inside, and then wander back home. It’s the most beautiful infestation I’ve ever witnessed.

This was kind of a hot spot a few years ago, but it seems it really has fallen into disrepair as of late. Skating all the junk was surely great times though. Plus it reminded me of the ditch they joust in in Thrashin’. Without the awkward love scene to make everyone feel weird.

If I had a time machine, I’d go back in time and submit this photo for use on an OP t-shirt, but then would be denied because it doesn’t feature any palm trees. My dream of having some weird crappy drawing of a dude doing a method super imposed over this will never come true. Rude Dog would be my second choice.

Beautiful art.

They have everything here. You’re all set if you wanna take a crap on a pile of broken glass and rusty spray paint cans.

Same crew, two different days. John broke his board getting radical on the pictured famous and very exciting gap. It was a great and unexpected moment of the trip.

Only a few more of these and then I’ll get to the skate photos I’ve recently taken.