When The Beez Beez They Beez Together

September (which is somehow in the future, thus introducing many time travel related issues and problems ala TimeCop) is a good month for in print mentions of the Beez. Firstly is the September 08 issue of the Skateboard Mag where Kyle Leeper gives us a great shout out.

Second, in that month’s TWS is a little section which is apparently asking TWS staff whom they think got robbed at the recent TWS awards.

Sorry for the crappy scans, but that’s all I got to run with right now. I know Nespcha gave us a shout out in his Check Out type thing, but I’m not sure what magazine that was in. Anyone have a scan of that? Also, there may or may not be a second Rattray shout out in possibly in a Slap? We’ve seen the Thrasher one, but we’ve been told there’s another.

Of course Beez 1-3 Dvds are still available. Don’t blow it, buy one here. Only $12.99, including shipping.

If anyone has some good anecdotes about the first time they watched Beez, please email us your fantastic story. Even if you hated it so very much that your sensibilities were very hurt and had to turn it off after two minutes. We love those stories too. Bonus points if you’re foreign and the story is in endearingly broken English.