Welcome Nibbles!

I’ve been kind of pretty into trying to post something new every weekday here, but was thwarted yesterday when I arrived home and the internet refused to work. What a sad twist of events. My computer is brimming with all sorts of photographic items which should be shared on the interweb, yet the webs were not forthcoming. Since I’m not currently at home, that leaves me with the option posting some poor quality photos which I’ve recently sent into the moblog.

This is just a typical night at the horny house.

MEESA LIKE SKATEBOARD!! I should also mention that I once owned a Jar Jar beach towel, which I think is somehow now owned by Aaron Polansky.

Louise models all the obscure and hilariously artwork’d thrash metal records I recently got at a thrift store. (Virus, Iron Angel, Demon Eyes) On the same day there were a ton of even more obscure and rare garage 45’s from the 60’s but they were all super messed up. It was quite heartbreaking, I assure you. The older record collector guy that’s there every day was even sadder than I was.

A semi related piece of trivia for you to think about is that Tim’s brother was in a thrash metal band called Realm whom showcased much higher artistic standards on their record covers.

Tim has a rapidly evolving fashion sense which is explosively eclectic and varied.

I saw this set up on the way to work today. If you can’t tell what’s going on there, don’t worry, because I was wondering “what the fuck is that??” as I pulled up behind him. That, my friends, is a grill attached to this person’s truck. I thought we were dedicated to grilling tasty meats at the Horny House, but this isn’t even some next level shit, this is blasting fifteen levels beyond us lowly prole grill amateurs. I am humbled.

If the internet decides to work today, I shall have some real photos up soon.