A Shitty Dong.

Josh is right. I am attempting to out-sleep Gary. It’s not as easy as it sounds. He naps about 18 hours out of the day and the other 6 hours are spent raping Mr. Spooky and/or meowing uncontrollably at any closed door. How do you compete with that? I may have to concede. It’s cool though, after playing skate against Jeff Chase I am pretty used to losing.

I like to read this. Probably one of the funniest dudes out there right now. Makes me wish I lived near a Steve Harvey billboard.

Epic times over there at the best park ever created by human hands tonight. The bowl looks great and I can’t wait to eat shit trying to skate it. Lots of people showed up to thrash tonight and it was really fun. Here, I got some pictures….

Josh drank a bottle of Boone’s Farm wine and had the great idea to ride even more boards stacked up than before. Not totally unsuccessful, he managed to ride for about 2 feet before what you see on the right inevitably happened.

He then decided to see what would happen if he tried a nose manual. Same result.

Sometimes us old dudes get the bright idea to try something we normally wouldn’t try. On the left is Aaron Polanski (aka Uncle Aaron/Po-Po) going for it with a layback grind on the vertical quarterpipe that is extremely hard to skate. He did it a few times and almost took out the flash in the process. Oh, and a big happy birthday goes out to Aaron today. If you see him, slap his ass 34 times. He loves it. On the right is your hero, Uncle Will, brandishing a label that is not fit for one of the best dudes ever.

Thanks again to Brian and Bill for making my Tuesdays the best night of the week.

Two dudes you never see enough of. Unless, of course, they are in swim trunks.

I want to leave you with something completely insane (as if that last photo wasn’t insane enough), so I am going to embed this amazing clip someone sent me right here, right now.

Samuel Torres

Later nerds.