The Last Klingon

It looks like it’s excuse time. Cru is swamped with school. Tim is working on getting his sleeping hours per day (shpd) to a level matching Gary’s. Toby has been off photographing Pikas in outer Mongolia. Steve is extremely busy finalizing the Fall ’08 women’s Rude Dog line. The Carn is editing ID3 tags for his mp3 collection while on the clock. And me? Well, let’s just say the couch is an easy place to fall asleep during an episode of CSI.

While we’ve all been doing this or that, you must remember that the wicked never sleep. By the wicked I mean our old friend Old Man Winter. That ballbuster has been at it again and has given us all the pleasure of his newest creation, Winter 2.0. That dude is a total boner. In fact, looking back to exactly one month ago today, this is what we were doing:

Oh, how nice and novel! Skateboarding outside?! I’ve known no such thing for the last few weeks. I’ve known watching the Empire Strikes Back on the couch while cuddling with three cats. I’ve known indoor Pogo Ball marathons. And like always, I’ve known a solid Guitar Hero party…

In fact, it’s been so stupid outside, that instead of spending a Saturday (the golden day of the week for fun) having the time of my life skateboarding with my friends, I spent the day taking pictures of crap like this:

So there you go. There’s me making excuses for all six people that haven’t been putting crap on this website. Thanks.

Munz recently gave us some coverage on his The Skateboard Mag blog. This includes a picture of Stemper in a hottub and another of me riding a stack of five skateboards. This is exactly the kind of publicity we need. Thanks, buddy! Anyway, a 30 pack of Pabst is thirteen bucks, not twelve. A price that makes even Allah grin. Munz, keep your eye out for my next new trick. I’m going to take that shit to the next level!

I now shall mention that I recently attended young Roach’s birthday party, and needless to say a magnificent time was had by all:

On the left is the Birthday Girl herself. During the stretch SUV drinking adventure ride there was some sort of tumbling competition or some such. Happy 26th Birthday! On the right Popo gets all chipmunked up on the booze and John takes it all in stride.

The Fashion Ninja and Juba kept things very calm and collected. I told Juba I was going to put one picture of him on the site everyday for a week, but I think these four pictures are about the only ones I can put on here without bumming someone out. So he gets off easy.

This last one goes out to Gabe. Worms and Dr. Mcgill’s. Two of his ultimate favs.