Abortion Didn’t Get ’em, But The New “Big Four” Will.

Going for less text this week. I hate to admit this, but the bar that everyone makes fun of me for going to, I kind of enjoy it. I went there last week Wednesday for some event and it was pretty great. Oh, and since JTK is coming in this weekend, we’ll all be going there on Saturday, even the haters.

Crew at the spot…it’s really not that bad guys.

Roommate with someone I don’t know. I do know that I like to dance, but really can’t do it very well. This person on the other hand came to the spot, danced the whole time, and killed it. I guess Mike knows her or something.

Eric is top three.

Grandma always did make the best dude soup. Does this say funtimes or what? In a quick final note, I have a new email address that actually works. It’s lordcru666@gmail.com if you want to get ahold of me for some reason.