The First Klingon

I’m thinking about just going ahead and renaming the site “” and being done with it. I suppose it’s not his fault for being so epic all the time though, now is it? You can’t blame someone for being born. On with it…

Someone found the “Ass Ball” when we were setting up the “secret rail”. Now that I think of it, it’s pretty brave that Danny picked it up and posed with it like that. What if it was really in someone’s ass? You can get hepatitis that way! Mr. Twister then whipped it across the parking lot and hit a light pole with it from at least 50 yards (half of a football field).

This was the day after Troy overdosed on beer. I think it’s pretty shitty that Danny can look so happy the day after our good friend died. What a jerk.

Tim thought it would be a great idea to bring three different flavors of pork rinds to the Murder Barn. Including nacho cheese flavor. I have never had pork rinds before, but a little beer inside of me convinced me that it would be a great idea to try them. I guess they are sort of like really salty foam that is entirely disgusting in theory and in practice. On the right this may or may not have been right after Tim tried to give Olde Nick some pork rinds, which he did not eat, I might add. A goat refusing to eat something, really a great sign.

After the Murder Barn it was time to visit the dude. Danny didn’t hesitate and was high fiving him the minute we walked in. If you think about it, they’re kind of perfect for each other. Both sweat as much as Gershon does on a balmy summer day, and neither are afraid to party like it’s their last day on Earth. Maybe Danny is adopted and this really is his long lost father. Something to think about…

Something else that works out perfect is that in the newest Mini Vid, Danny is skating at the Murder Barn, and then the very next clip he is doing a frontside wallride at the same place as where he dances with the dude. Synchronicity, or something like that.


Should I bring back photo submissions?? If any of you have any Wisconsin related skate photos and would like to see them on the site, send them here.