Poop in a Beholder.

I like how Toby isn’t afraid to call himself out on the nerdy things he does when it comes to getting a photo. The process is usually more interesting that the finished product and I love to hear how he goes about getting there. Keep it up, Toby.

Last night was a fun session over there at that one amazing place; Cream City. Jeff Chase is back in town making the mini ramp into a bowl and it’s pretty much going to be the funnest thing ever. In like three weeks that thing is going to be ready to shred. I better see 20 people standing on those decks when that shit is finished. If I don’t, I will seriously doubt the state of skateboarding in Milwaukee.

Last Friday a few of us went to skate this one ramp in the middle of nowhere that some of you might know as the Murder Barn. The thing is super fun and if you ever have a chance to go skate it (doubtful), make sure you do. There is a goat named Nick you can chill with and a hot tub to take the some of the edge off that slam you took trying to skate the ramp. Thanks to Dr. Dave, Lucas, Eric, John, Aaron and everyone else for making that happen. Hopefully I will get to see you guys again some Friday. Here’s a picture of Lord Cru with Old Nick.

Josh and I have really been getting into shopping for old freestyle BMX shit on Ebay. Josh is trying to re-build a old Diamond Back our landlord gave us for helping him carry a flight of stairs up a flight of stairs. Josh is really into the lavender colorway and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Anyway, the bike that he and Lord Cru are sitting on was brought to the skatepark by the Captain for Josh and I to use. If you have any old BMX parts, email Josh or I and we can work something out. On the right, Josh got kind of wrecked trying to ride these stacked up boards, but he was able to stay on long enough for me to get the shot, which is all that matters.

Troy? No. Fuckin’ Gary!