All Aboard the Nostalgia Train!!

Some of you may remember from awhile back when I mentioned that my footage harddrive took a shit and all of the old footage was lost. While that is true, some footage did actually survive. Technically all of it did, but who wants to sit there and capture 150 tapes? No one. Anyway, I was looking through some desk drawers awhile back, and for some reason or another I found a stack of ten cds all filled with old Lutzka footage. I think he used them to copy his footage to his laptop or something at one point. That leads us to today’s new video clip…

Greg Lutzka 2001 – Part 1. In my opinion, this is the age when Greg started getting really good. I mean, he had always been good, I remember seeing the kid around when he must have been 12, but this is after he got on Illenium and things really started coming together for him. He was 15/16 years old when all of this was documented. The tricks were filmed on 2/19/2001 to 6/14/2001 and they are presented in chronological order.

I will make a couple more of these. I think it’s interesting how quickly you can see him progress. It’ll become more obvious in the later clips.

Other than that?? I’m not even sure. This weekend sure was fun though.

I have the best friends ever. Especially my new friend on the bottom right. Dude knows how to rage.