I’m not sure about many things. But it kinda makes me feel good when I pick the right angle for a photo. It makes me feel better when another photographer picks the same angle. Just gives me more reason to think that that was the “right” angle. But when they pick the same spot… and the same trick. Bart Jones takes some ill photos. And it looks like Bart and I picked the same angle, subject and place for this particular one… directly below is Bart’s take on things… below that is mine. Funny how that works out.

Barts Angle

Toby’s angle

Which is better? You decide. Dan still rips either way, and Bart is still one of the midwests best photographers.

It’s almost that time of year kiddies. You gotta go carve out a pumpkin. Or as flavor Flav would say “Pumkin” . Heres your chance to crave away from the freedom of your own computer. Click here to carve out your version of scary pumpkins.