Chill Out, Dickwad

It’s kind of sad to think that we won’t be able to provide the usual weekend skate photos very soon in this future reality. Old Man Winter is on his way, and I surely hope he’s not as pissed as he was last year. That dude really bums me out.

Here’s some from two weeks ago (pre Louisville trip):

This thing has taken out a few people over the years. It’s not so much a bump to bar as it is flat ground to bar. Obstacle illusion.

While setting up to take this photo a neighborhood youth flipped us off for literally 3-5 minutes. He was sitting at the red light on his bike for an uncomfortable length of time, both hands out, middle finger salute. As the light turned green he lowered one hand, grabbed his handle bars, and rode away all the while flipping us off with his remaining hand. As he rode out of sight, he was still telling us “fuck you”. Tim did not film this, he was shook from all the sign language aggression. Max just laughed and ollied away.

Tim did manage to film this though.

I think we had trouble finding stuff to skate on that Saturday. Don’t ask me why I’m claiming that.

These are from the next day:

Max Murphy – Ollie to wild ride. He did a way hornier trick at this spot which I failed to take a photo of and filmed instead.

“Don’t show my face!” Yes, no one will ever guess who it is in this very scandalous pumpkin cod piece photograph.

This thing is really tall and hard to skate. Since I have to state that I suppose I failed at my job as photographer. Tj Bohach – Smith Grind.

Like I’ve said in the past, best part of old videos: crowd reaction shots.