Bitter and Dirty

WOW…I haven’t been this crabby in a really long time! I guess that means that it’s time to update…p.s. the capitals were not an accident.

So, I got a really snotty email from this one person about this one thing…can’t say too much on the off chance that this will ever be discovered..but the word cunt comes to mind! Amazing! It sent me into a frenzy and required that I drive to school, park, walk several blocks (actually the best part) go to my office, check my mailbox and turn right the fuck around and go home. It was really beautiful.

The next few days are going to suck, the department x-mas party is at a restaurant I despise, and I can’t even get silly on the barley soda because I have to finish a project that night!!! I won’t say which restaurant it is, but the food is very disappointing and every single time I’ve been there in the summer, they can’t seem to get the fucking temperature right!!! It’s not that hard really, when it’s 98 with 86% humidity, one does not open the door…fuck. Or maybe I should do it tonight….

On to something more negative, I hate sub sandwiches. What a fucking joke. Hoagie? Fuck it….easily the worst eating device ever conceived. Is it supposed to add some level of ease to the consumption of food? “Hey guys, check it out! I’ve got this long slender bun filled with all my favorite shit! It’s like nothing I could have ever imagined”.

Give me an Italian and call it a day.