Riding the coaster is bad for your mental health.

Today’s update is a little late. I suppose I missed yesterday too. That’s what happens when life gives you a kick to the balls.

Cream City!

Man, things are getting great there. So many options. As you can plainly see in the pictures. Also featured is a close by establishment named Chicken and Spinners. I’m not sure if they really sell spinners there, but it would be spectacular if they did.

Otherwise, I guess I failed since I was going to go there tonight and try to help out with the building. Maybe I should mention that me helping out usually involves games of NBA Jam, but once in awhile I’ve been known to fire up a drill or two. Anyway, I got totally caught up listing things on ebay. Maybe someday you can all learn the joy of wasting all your money on arcade games and taking fancy ladies on spectacular dates and having to resort to selling random items around your house on an electronic clearing house. It’s all worth it though. The trife life. Isn’t that what they call it?