Brain Damage

I think I’m going to have to call out Toby on his praising of the horrible, horrible weather we’ve been having. I know you’re down with the jester caps, but man, you’re bumming me out on my own website! This is wiskate, wisnow makes me very sad in the pants.

Speaking of my own website and bumming people out, yeah, new design. I seriously could not handle looking at the old one even one more time. I took what I had with the redesign I was working on, took out all the half finished high tech things, and just stripped it down to the basics. Will it stay like this? I have no idea. At this point it’s new, and I don’t hate it, so that’s always a plus. If you don’t like it, post about it on the mkeskate message boards. That way I won’t have to see it. Pretty stoked on it. I’m glad that people are taking the initiative to put something new out there. It’s being brought to you by the same people (Milwaukee Skateboarding) that I’ve been periodically posting video clips from the past few months, plus Eric Risser, the photographer that I’ve been posting a ton of photos from. I’m super hyped on these guy’s skating. I had a super long, stupid, pointless rant about skateboarding site message boards right here, but fuck it. Visit the site and give your support. I wonder if people will pronounce the name of mkeskate weird in real life like people always do to wiskate. Hint: it’s not “WIS KATE”. Maybe it can be “MICKEY SKATE”. My head hurts.

Hopefully I’ll have time to post those pictures Tim mentioned soon. Beez 3 is killing me! (Out Soon!)