clocked in

every morning on my walk to work, i pass a little soccer field wedged in the middle of 2 blvds in the lower east side. as i pass by, i stop and watch the early game being played by the css. although the name suggests chinatown soccer club, thevye moved up a few blocks onto the newly artificial turfed nike field. neither chinese nor chinatown, the players are made up of skaters, artists, cool guys and hipsters. this morning was a very special occasion because one such player getting extra wacky caught my attention. styled in a striped beanie (its about 70 outside today) matching thigh high stripey socks, non matching bright jersey and donning a smile ear to ear. as i stared for a moment pleased with this sight, i realized it was non other than the myth, the man, and the legend, mr mark gonzales. not a rare sighting, since his move to the neighborhood, however a happy one. always love the random run ins with the gonz, truely magical. (gonz not pictured below)

staying in tune with random pics of the day, ill give a go at it.
here we have an unsuspecting fashion editor of the fader magazine getting her photo taken at some art opening completely unaware of the hijinks happening a foot behind her. for whatever reason, mr PK decided to plant a nice wet one on me. and hey, who am i to decline the affection of another human being. like lord cru says, go with the flow.