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We started the day off skating one of basically the worst spots ever. It’s right by my house so we just go there sometimes for the hell of it. We actually had wax for once though and decided to give the lip a little waxing to see what would happen. Like Rachel Leigh Cook in “She’s All That” taking off her nerd glasses and magically transforming into a hot chick, we discovered that this is actually secretly a pretty good spot in disguise. On the left Gabe breaks her in with a frontside tailslide. On the right Pizzy gives it a backside treatment. I love Pizzy’s backside treatments. Wink.

I hope these dudes appreciate me laying in this shit to take their sexy American sportsman photographs.

Pizzy Burnquist smith grinds at another spot right by the crib. We call this one “The Peterka Pole”. No one did a nollie crooked grind pop over body varial on it. I was just asking for some feeble to board to feeble to board to feeble to board from Pizzy but he kept denying me. What a jerk. How much cooler and more 1991 would that have been than a Smith grind? He could have at least pressure flipped out or something.

Then we went home and ate brats again. No, I’m not kidding.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with this video clip featuring some of our Madison friends.