Shoe String Bandana

Saturday was a great day outside. None of this rainy/freezy garbage we’ve been having. Quite pleasent indeed. Tim already covered the day, but here’s my take on it:

Nothing wrong with starting the day with a little Jimmy John’s and Steve Harvey. Pizzy knows what’s up. On the right is Tim’s first wallride ever. On a Zip Zinger, at that!

We skated all day, but got only that one photo. We were so depressed that we decided to sit in the backyard and cook some brats and basically have the best time ever.

Brats are indeed an exciting proposition. Tim was in charge of the meaty variety, Lord Cru was in charge of the veggie. You can see Cru prefers his buns toasted. If you know what I mean.

Here’s two more pictures of Tim, just for fun. We had some sort of brat explosion and he displays the carcass for all to see. Later I think we played Guitar Hero for a minute. We must have, since I have a photo of it. A fantastic photo. Did we watch Tuff Turf after all of this? I think so.

Crimson Skateboards demo at Cream City tonight! Go check out Markovich and his posse.