Dutch Oven

Stemper got a lot of coverage in Lord Cru’s update below. I might as well keep that thought going but take it to the next level:

A Friday Night With Danny Stemper:

Nothing out of the ordinary for a man of his caliber. Notice that The Dude even felt the need to make another sweaty appearance. Not something to be taken lightly. Stay tuned later this week for even more Danny Stemper (and The Dude) coverage. Everyone’s favorite!

As I mentioned yesterday, Wonky’s cousin Amelia joined the knee surgery club, but hers was a double! Or maybe it was a remove hind legs and replace with bananas procedure? Either way, pray to Allah that she will be back and nipping asap. Thanks!

Did everyone see the mega Cream City props in the new King of the Road 2006 video? Everyone’s favorite wiskate poster, Mr. Twister, even introduces the segment! Our influence is spreading far and wide. Check out the video, plenty of wacky tricks and 40+ year old makeouts to laugh at. Plus at least 6 FYP songs. Carn is stoked.