Epicly Wiskater’d.

Josh mentioned to me that I was about to be bumped off the front page due to my lack of updates. That had to be stopped, so here I am about to do something not often seen on this site; I am going to update about skateboarding.

Not that I have been able to get out there and skate myself. I have been working six days a week and on my day off I get some sort of hellish flu that makes my whole body ache and completely disables me for 24 hours straight. I call in to work today even though I am feeling better, and what happens? It rains. Is it a sign? Or is my luck just that bad? Maybe I can talk Josh into going out to Cream City for a bit. Doubt it though. He needs a nap.

Why do you think Element needs a 40 man pro team? Because they can afford it? Because it takes 40 guys to make up for the lack of footage from Bam? Or could it be they are trying to re-create the days of the H-Street team? I don’t get it. They just put Muska and Darrell Stanton on the team. Are they just trying to cover all the bases and have the most amazing team in skateboarding by default? I say kick off everyone but Nyjah and Mike V. and you got yourselves a winner.

In more local news, the new Stuck mag is out and has tons of local coverage for locals to locally brag about. Even Loc-dog. Go pick one up at Phase II or Screamin’ Tuna.

Remember when I used to love brats? Well I still do, and hopefully Josh picks up an 8 pack on the way home from work.

I don’t have any photos for you today. Like I said, I have been working everyday that I am not sick. Instead, here’s a flying baby for you to watch.

Ah, what the heck…….

Fuckin’ Gary.

Later nerds.