william, it was really nothing

in the spirit of 3 pics and a pat, i bring you 3 pics and a jelly. sorry pat.

here we have the new Mt. Weather TF, brought to you by zoo york,5boro,redbull, and volcom – located as you see, “somewhere in brooklyn”. guess its free if you can find it.

“If you’re sick and tired of this cold, snowy, sleeting rats and dogs, junk weather, then get your ass to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, tomorrow (Sat, 03/17) at 3pm for the grand opening of MT. WEATHER. If you don’t already know where this heated indoor TF is located, then you’d better figure it out quick”

found this little gem – 3 years ago, for halloween, my roomates and i decided to dress asthe brooklyn zoo for halloween. carefully crafted animal suits out of felt and sweatsuits. pretty epic night. im a penguin and justin is some sort of bear, squirel, chipmonk combo.

last year when josh wanted to redesign the site, i made some logos for him. he be hatin on my wiskate graphics, but im gonna share them anyway. from the vault:

…and a jelly