Who These People Remind Me Of?

I was searching some photos on ye olde mac, and I found some pictures of some Milwaukee locals at an old Damn Am contest. Amongst these photos were random photos downloaded off the internag by Magna when he used to come over and play. I’m gonna put up these old photos and show you pictures of people they remind me of.

Here is Bill when he is an old timer having a ball, him and his forty oz. of the coldest King Cobra. He probably just got done skating at cream city and just cold lampin at the park.

Damn, I can just see the connection right here. A furry little ball with a war call. A true bear wrestler.

Wax On Wax Off! Sweep the leg! Focus! Put him in a body bag! No Mercy!

God does pizzy gleam. He gleams that cube harder then anyone, and does he care? probably not. Pizzy gleams just to gleam.