Fixed gear bikes, Mash-ups, New Era caps, All-over print, Fake Bape gear..You know, the good stuff.

For most, 2 AM on a Sunday night/Monday morning means sleep or humping, not stalling out a four page paper because well, you just don’t want to do it. Guess which one of these things I’m doing!?!?

This week I’m pulling out an update with 87% skate content, pretty rare for me, but this weekend was delightfully packed with skateboard funtimes….As Josh always says, “we skate the best spots”. Avoiding the point by point breakdown, I’ll give you the abridged version: Friday-Murder barn, Saturday-Outdoors with special guest Uncle Will, Saturday night-Troy. The ramp was thrashed, the streets were hit and that one guy’s house will never be the same….Troy.

I’ll start with a self-explanatory photo montage of the outdoor action. Obviously there are a few photos that I’m leaving out so as not to give away the secrets of the pants. Before we get to the skate pics, let’s have a look at Wonks. Molly’s leg is getting so much better she’s been kicking it on the pogo ball. She got all bummed when I tried to take the pic though, so she crossed her paws and sat next to it.

I know my eyes are closed and I look like a complete tard, but I like this pic. BeeBee has a tinge of sass, and it reminds me of going to church.