Mashups Are For Assholes

It’s looking like it’s going to be a great weekend to be doing the skateboarding outside. I shouldn’t have to tell you to take part. Other than the skateboarding though, we should all try to keep this as a mashup free weekend. Please Allah, no Weezer and Young Joc or Nickelback and Shaq Diesel mashups for me, I humbly pray. For real, are our attention spans so short that we can’t listen to one song at a time anymore? Assholes, I tell you.

I’m so glad that Munz is finally back from Mexico and has started updating the Plat again. I don’t know what kind of manners he has, but he sure left us all hanging there. How was I to know he was in another country?? No goodbye, nothing. I was very worried, young man.

The newest post Risser put up on was a good one. I’m always into seeing photos with little tidbits of info about them. Keep it up.