Toblerone Zone

Tim and I recently took a trip to San Diego.

We arrived, a Sienna pulled up…

..and we were greeted with Troy, GG, CLs, and Silly String Cockles.

Then we skated over to the local Trolleseum and met John’s favorite hesher locs. Kelly Bundy (not pictured) angrily threw something at Tim when he rightfully called her Kelly Bundy. She had been earlier dancing on the top of the booth back to skipping cd of Ace of Base just like Dee Snyder does on the hood of the car in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Doesn’t get much sicker than that.

The next day began, a skate to the beach. Doesn’t get much more California than this.

Maybe it does.

First spot of the day, blow out, and the first in an almost never ending safari of vigilante tranny. I swear in just that one week that I skated more home made concrete quarter pikes than I previously had in my entire life.

See what I mean? Favorite spot of the trip. Joe Pease – Frontside Ollie.

Danny Stemper – Kickflip Fakie. I guess you’re doing pretty good when you’re going almost as high as the ramp is tall.

First sunset shot of many.

More soon.