I’m a Virgin Girl!

I successfully achieved “total piece of shit” status today. It was 65 degrees and sunny and I never left the house. In fact, not only did I not leave the house, but I also managed to do absolutely nothing with my time inside of the house.

Sunday was a entirely different story. I woke up early to Carn and Zone in my living room wearing matching flannels. Gabe was already awake on the couch and Josh was still dreaming of girls in revealing bee costumes. Things were a bit strange with the time change and the fact that I shared some muscle relaxers with my girlfriend the night before. Those things really help you beat the insomnia monster. Anyway, we got crew deep and headed off to Phase II so the fibs could set up boards and we could all get some food. While waiting for Zone and Gabe, we had a run-in with an old friend…….

Yeah, that’s Brown. Remember him from the other day? Maybe this picture will refresh your memory. Well, I gave him a quarter in exchange for this candid shot of him with his new pal.

After the run-in and finally getting everyone back together, we made tracks for the first spot of the day and to meet up with The Captain, Le Garcon, Pizzy and Neal. Carn broke out his newest creation which you can see in this picture of the crew (minus me).

Riding that thing was about as easy as doing a cartwheel with rollerblades on your hands. I saw a few people almost ollie on it, but it was way harder than it looked. That thing was made to destroy people.

We skated a spot we hit up the day before then went to a new spot the Garcon discovered. It proved to be very rad and everyone had a great time during the golden hour. Even Carn’s creation got utilized. I cant tell you what happened exactly because Carn would be mad (the footage will be in BEEZ III), but here’s a photo of the preliminary idea.

Make sure to find a copy of BEEZ III when it’s finished.

Overall, the day was fun and we finished it off with a visit to Culver’s and then went home and watched that one Shortys video with the best editing ever.

This picture is from Saturday night. Before Josh and Gabe went out to paint the town gay. I am sure there will be more pictures from that night on the town if Josh feels like showing you.

Later nerds.