Hell Froze Over.

I can only imagine how hyped you snowboarders are tonite. Tomorrow the jester hats and rodeo flips will be in full effect at the hill. Me? I will be contemplating suicide as I am shoveling off my porch. It’s okay though, knowing that Josh and the rest of the crew are having fun in Tampa makes me all warm and happy inside.

I’m lying. I feel cold and shitty.

I would feel better if those guys over at Skate Mental would hook me up with some goodies like they said they would. Maybe even just a Janoski frisbee? I could use it to shovel my way out of my house after this blizzard! Dual purpose product!
Even though you dissed me, I still love you guys.

Speaking of getting dissed, look at the ground!

Mother nature is dolling out a bitchslap to all of southeastern Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

I may be a little late with this news, but I hear that Derek Apel and Dave Mayhew are opening a new skateshop over there in Madison. Should be pretty rad, Derek knows his product having worked at Flying Fish for about 15 or 16 years and Dave designed the best selling skate shoe in history. I will give you all the details when I find out.

Fuck winter!