Homesick in my Hometown

I just got back from the infamous skate night, and I feel totally broken. Updating now makes perfect sense, as i have 200 pgs. of reading to do, and I don’t even know where to start.

I have to make a comment on a post made by our partners over at the plat. I don’t know what the protocol is for blog-ersations, but I have to make an attempt to do just that. There was a sentiment expressed about college students. Couldn’t agree more, but let me add this one tiny detail. The people that you are hating on are the textbook campus-lifers. I’d like to stage a DMB concert in a huge arena and let them all eat each other. I need to note before I get into the bulk of what I’m saying that I’m not a fan of the variety of one-upping where folks go on about “how much worse it is for me…” but I need to break my rule. See, you have to live with them, but I have to teach them. Eighty of them to be exact. While some of them are really interesting and cool, some are of the stock that was mentioned on the plat. What am I getting at here? I have to deal with these fuckers on a much more personal level, and I cannot tell them to get fucked. It really does suck, but it pays the rent and it gets me that much closer to leaving this backwards country for good. Did I mention that I’ll never come back? Love it or leave it? I’m going for the latter. Ward Churchill often makes the statement “US out of North America” as a flip side of the wishy-washy liberal “US out of Iraq”.

Whoa, I got a bit out of hand there and I do apologize. I guess my point is, will everyone go back to sleep when the Administration is supposedly less sinister? I’m going for yes. That’s so perfectly retarded it makes me want to eat my eyeballs.

Skating was fun tonight, and I’m going to get to work but before that, let me leave you with a few photos

First, some douche I found in my bathroom. I kicked him out and he’ll never be back.

Next a mixed bag…

Finally, this dude is a total douche. Who talks on the phone whilst making out? The guy behind them is stoked though, and that’s pretty cool. Makes up for how retarded this is.